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Transportation in Šumava National Park

Because the information about transportation in Šumava national park is scattered over different websites and most of these websites are in the Czech language only, we have gathered all information and timetables on a single page for your convenience.

Green bus:

This is a regular bus service in Šumava national park during the summer season.
autobus.jpg The green bus provides hikers and cyclists a convenient transportation service between the attractive places in South Bohemia.

Timetables for the 5 bus lines:
• From Špičák via Kvilda to Kaplice pod Boubínem
• From Sušice to Kvilda
• From Plzeň to Kvilda
• From Horská Kvilda to Bučina
• From Nová Pec to Jelení Vrchy

You can find a German version (2011) of a brochure, including a map of the bus lines here.
And this is the link to the same brochure in the Czech language.
A ticket will cost you 80 Kč; this is an example ticket

This is the link to the Czech transportation services, also in English.

The bus lines also run to the border crossings with Bavaria - Bučina- Finstrau and Železná Ruda-Bayerisch-Eisenstein and enable you to change between the Green buses and the German local bus system, Bayerwald-Ticket and Igelbuss.
This is the link to the German transportation services.


There is no entrance fee for the park and parking your car is easy.
In Šumava national park are about 20 small parking sites. Most parking places are free of charge, for some of the larger ones you have to pay a small fee.

You can find all parking sites on the map of Šumava.
By clicking on the "Read more" link in the popup on the map you will find a map of the direct vicinity of the parking lot.


There are several trainroutes near Šumava national park. The excellent bus connections makes travel into the park easy, but plan ahead!

The numbers correspond with the red numbers on the map.
180: Plzeň - Domažlice - Furth im Wald
183: Plzeň - Klatovy - Železná Ruda-Alžbětín
185: Horažďovice předměstí - Domažlice
198: Strakonice - Volary
190: Plzeň - České Budějovice
197: Číčenice - Volary - Nové Údolí
194: České Budějovice - Černý Kříž
195: Rybník - Lipno nad Vltavou
196: České Budějovice - Summerau
200: Zdice - Protivín

This is the link to the Czech transportation services, also in English:
This is the link to the German transportation services.