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Where to stay in Šumava National Park?


antygl.jpgThere are only a couple of camp-sites located in the National park.
One of the best known camp sites is Antýgl. Located in the heart of Šumava National Park. The camp site is located on an old farm site that was already mentioned in the 15th century.
This camp site is the best starting point for trips in the Vydra valley.

Here you can find a list of all camp sites in the Šumava park and direct region.

Emergency camping for hikers

onenightcampingsign.pngWild camping in Šumava is strictly forbidden but the National Park and Protected Landscape Area Šumava has a network of emergency shelters along the red-marked hiking trails across Šumava.

The emergency camp-sites offer assistance to hikers who use the Šumava backbone route, following the state border. The length of the route between Železná Ruda and Zvonkovna is 103 km. The distance between the camp sites are between 15- and 30 km apart. Some camp sites have a simple toilet, but there is no water available, you have to bring your own.

There are 7 camp sites: Hůrka u Prášil, Poledník, Modrava, Bučina, Strážný, Nové Údolí and Pod Plešným jezerem .
You can find the exact location of the camp sites on the map of Šumava

GPS coordinates:
Hůrka u Prášil : 13° 19' 46,646" -- 49° 7' 35,483"
Poledník: 13° 23' 43,504" -- 49° 3' 51,858"
Modrava: 13° 29' 23,396" -- 49° 1' 27,103"
Bučina: 13° 35' 50,113" -- 48° 58' 16,687"
Strážný: 13° 42' 41,068" -- 48° 54' 1,577"
Nové Údolí: 13° 48' 3,011" -- 48° 49' 46,359"
Pod Plešným jezerem: 13° 53' 5,487" -- 48° 46' 45,515"

The rules for using these camp-sites are:
• Place of use for one night only
No fires allowed
• Bring your own water.
• All waste to be taken with you
• Keep the peace
• Open all year from 18.00 to 9.00

Hotels and pensions