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nepomuk_1.jpgNepomuk lies in a picturesque hilly landscape at the foot of the historical castle Zelenohorsky. According to the legend of the holy Vojtěch it seems that Nepomuk was already populated in the year 977. In that time the settlement Pomuk probably came into existence at the foot of Zelená Hora, the Green Mountain. In the southwest another settlement came into existence called Presanice.

In the year 1144 the Cistercian monastery was founded which opened a new future for Pomuk. Thanks to the care of these Cistercian monks at first gold and later silver was mined and especially in the 13th and 14th centuries the mines were very profitable. The city lived in luxurious abundance and the trade went very well.

In the year 1384 the both villages Pomuk and Presanice were joined together and the new town was called Nepomuk. 40 Years later king Wenceclas IV declared Nepomuk a city. During the religious upraises and the Hussite Wars Nepomuk has had some harsh times. In 1420 Jan Žižka, one of the leaders of the militant Hussites invaded the region and destroyed the monastery of Nepomuk.

The next 3 centuries the powerful lords of Sternberk were the owners of Zelená Hora en of Nepomuk. Especially count Vojtěch Václav of Sternberk (1655-1708) has brought the city both architectural and economical progress.

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16.1km: Natural park Prašivice

Natural park - Prašivice forest is near by small town Nalžovské Hory. It´s a romantic place and it has own secrets behind its origin. What the forest trail will offer you?

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19.5km: Castle Nebílovy

This grand structure is build at the edge of the Bohemian region. This castle was just a renaissance manner until the renowned baroque architect Jakub Auguston turned it into a gem of baroque architecture that is admired by architects all over the world.
Address: Nebilovy 1, Nebilovy 332 04 | Opening hours: 10:00h-16:00h, jul-aug: 9:00h-17:00h.

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