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nyrsko_3.jpgNýrsko lies about 18 km southwest of Klatovy at the banks of the river the Úhlava. Nýrsko is a small rural town which has a large manufacturing industry.

It came into existence in the 13th century as a border town on the trading route between Bohemia and Bavaria.

The town has only a few historical buildings. One of them is the Baroque city hall from the year 1684. On the city hall is placed a memorial plaque in commemoration of the liberation in the 2nd World War by the Canadians. The fact that the western allies had liberated Nýrsko and its surroundings was not publicly mentioned during the communist regime.

Nýrsko is very suited as a starting point to the Šumava mountains. In the town are a campground and several hotels and bed & breakfasts. There are some pretty good restaurants that are also visited by the inhabitant of Nýrsko on a regular basis.

About 4 km south of Nýrsko lies, in the river the Úhlava, the Nýrsko dam. This dam which was built in 1969 with a height of 36 meters, has created a storage reservoir that is used for getting hydro electrics and for drink water storage. From the hills around the reservoir you can have beautiful views over the water.

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Campgrounds near Nýrsko

Tourist information:

Informační a kulturní centrum města Nýrska
Komenského 877 340 22
tel:(+420)376 571 616

Places of interest

7.5km: Castle and Galery Klenová

Just 6 kilometers north of Nyrsko heading for Klatovy you can find castle Klenová.
From the original medieval castle only ruins are left. In the 17th century a new Renaissance castle was build on top of the old ruins.

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11.9km: Bílá Strž

The natural reserve Bílá Strž is well known for its identical named waterfall. It is part of the National Park, Narodni Park, Šumava and contains 97 Ha. The natural reserve is established in the past to protect the 14 m. waterfall and the beautiful valley in which it lies.

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12.8km: Černé Jezero

The biggest natural formed lake in the Czech Republic is Černé Jezero, the Black Lake. This lake got its name from the black looking surface of the water which gives the lake a mysterious appearance. The black surface is the result of dark sediment on the bottom of the lake and the reflection of the dark woods that surround the lake.

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13.9km: Aquapark Kdyně

The Aquapark Kdyně was opened in 2010 with a 60 m long water slide and a large swimming pool covering an area of 425 m2. You can also enjoy the wellness packages offering laconium, Finnish sauna, Osman bath and infra red sauna.

Address: Dělnická 724, Kdyně | Opening hours: Mo - Fri: 11:00h. - 21:30h., Sa - Su: 10:00h - 21.30h.

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15.4km: Tourist trail around Klatovy

Tourist trail around Klatovy will take you to interesting places over the hillocks. Points of interest e.g. (historical water tank, Jewish cemetery, Christian hill, Gallows hill, Hůrka hill and city park - Mercandiniho sady)

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18.9km: Castle Velhartice

Velhartice Castle was built in the 13th century. It majestically overlooks romatic valley, sorrounded by Bohemian Forest. The castle is also famous for its owner Bušek of Velhartice, chamberlain to king and emperor Charles IV. Today´s look might visitors surprised by its romantic atmosphere or its unusual defence system.

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19.6km: Fairy-tale cottage Mlázovy

Come have fun and be scared a little. A fairy-tale cottage in Mlázovy invites all lovers of fairy tales, ghosts and fairy creatures.

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