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tabor_1.jpgThanks to its rich history and architectural monuments, the town of Tábor is one of the Czech Republic´s most favourite tourist cities. Today, Tábor's Old Town is very pretty, its narrow streets are full of historical houses with a mixture of style such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.
Tábor is above all the town of the Hussites, created by them in the fifteenth century as a fortress town and soon the centre of their religious and military movement. Their presence is to be felt at every turn.

tabor_2.jpgAn underground passages are the part of most attractive sights in city of Tábor and had its origin in the 15th century . There is only a part of complex of underground passages, which run under the town's centre. Today it is opened to public from Hussite Museum with path lenght up to 500 metres. Tábor has a great dominant feature of former castle which is Kotnov tower with attached Bechyňská gate. So don´t forget to climb the Kotnov Tower for a great view of the town.

Other attractions include the Tabor Treasure exhibition, Žižka square, Oskar Nedbal Theatre and the lovely Dean church.

If you would like to turn your clock back especially to a Hussite old times, please visit every year Hussite days in June in the city of Tábor.

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Tourist information:

Infocentrum město Tábor
Žižkovo nám. 2 391 01
tel:(+420) 381 486 230-4

Places of interest

11.8km: Stádlec bridge

The only Czech preserved chain bridge is a national culture monument. The bridge was constructed between 1847 - 1848 by South Bohemian industrialist Vojtěch Lanna. It used to be spanning the Vltava river, today it´s spanning Lužnice river.

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14.3km: Ruins of Dobronice castle

The ruin of the Dobronice castle is situated 7 km from Bechyně, above the Lužnice river. Dobronice castle was built in the first half of the 14th century, in 1455 it was owned by Rožmberk family.

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