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kaplice_1.jpgKaplice lies at the foot of the Novohradské Hory, picturesquely situated on the banks of the river the Malše. Kaplice was originally a medieval commercial town and thanks to this you can enjoy its historical buildings in the centre of the town and the numerous castle ruins in the direct enviroment of the town. Kaplice was founded as a commercial town along the very important trading route between North Austria and South Bohemia. Because of the florishing salt trade Kaplice grew in a short time from a small medieval village to a prosperous city.

Through the ages Kaplice has often changed being Bohemian and German property. After World War 2 the republic of Czechoslovakia was restored and again Kaplice became a Czech city.

Under the communist regime Kaplice and its enviroment was sparsely populated because the city was to close to the Austrian border. After 1989 the Czech came back to the city and many new houses were build and the still remaining houses were restored.

Not only the city of Kaplice has much to offer. In the close environment are many beautiful ponds, primeval forests and sunny meadows. It's a great area to go hiking and biking.

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Kulturní a informační centrum Kaplice
Linecká 434 382 41
tel:+420 380 311 388

Places of interest

15.8km: Zlatá Koruna

Close to Český Krumlov lies the Cistercian monastery 'Zlatá Koruna', the Golden Crown.
The name 'Golden Crown' was given to the monastery because it has a thorn of the crown of thorns of Jesus in their possession. The monastery has been added to the national cultural inheritance list in 1995.

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18.1km: Devil´s wall

It is remarkable piece of geology and also protected landscape area next to the river Vltava between both the dams Lipno I. and Lipno II. Upon entering a steep canyon there is a large cliff of granite slabs to be found. In fact the Devil´s wall which is also called a stony sea, was made by a glacier during the Ice Age.

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19.5km: Ruins of Girl´s Stone

The Dívčí Kámen or Girl´s Stone medieval castle was built on a stony cliff above the confluence of the Křemžský Stream and the Vltava River. The castle was founded by the Rosenberg family in 1349

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