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trebon_l.jpg City of Trebon is a small spa town with a well-preserved historic centre. The historic centrum in Třeboň has an unique Masaryk square shaped by arcade houses which is a mix of Renessaince and Baroque style. Třeboň together with historic monuments are connected with the centuries-old tradition of fish-farming. The greatest period of prosperity began in the 16th century, thanks to the Rozmberk and Schwarzenberg families.

The town of Trebon is situated in the centre of Trebonsko, a protected landscape area and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The most picturesque, must-see attractions in Třeboň are the renessaince castle, the baroque Augustian monastery,The Schwarzenberg neo – gothic chapel and the water works such as the rybník Svět (the Svet Pond) and the Zlatá stoka (the Golden Canal).

The town also offers treatment and wellness stays in two spas, Berta´s Spa and Aurora Spa. The spa procedures, which are focused mainly on treatment of locomotive organs, rheumatic disease, post-accident and post-operative state.

Cycle tourism and recreational fishing are very popular sports in Třeboň. Discover the most visited trails such as around Třeboň (39 km) a Rožmberk (22 km). Both cycling routes start at the dam of the Svet Pond. You can easy plan your cycling trip via cycle maps on You can also visit some ponds (Staňkovský, Hejtman, Nový Kanclíř....) for recreational fishing around Třeboň, a fishing licence can be purchased at authorised dealers.

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Places of interest

0km: Old town hall tower in Třeboň

A great landmark in city of Třeboň is 31 m high old town hall tower with clock and gallery. The history of the old town hall began in 1638, when tower is builded to guard and save the city of Třeboň against to fires. Třeboň and its sights such as Brewery Regent, Augustian monastery and others could not be overlooked from the top of the tower.

It´s opened to public over the summer: Thues. -Fri., 9:00 - 17:00 h., So. 9:00 - 12:00 h.

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0.2km: Augustian monastery

The Augustian monastery of that time was founded by the Rozmberk family in 1367 at the place of old church. Soon after this, monastery founding played a big role that city of Třeboň became an important centre of education and art.

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1.2km: Schwarzenberg chaple

Are you wandering in Třeboň, don´t forget to visit the Tomb of aristocratic Schwarzenberg family not far away from the Svet pond. Neo-Gothic chapel – tomb was built in the years 1874-77 by the Schwarzenberg builder F. D. Deworetzky.

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15.5km: Červené blato

The nature reserve Červené blato (Red Marshland) is part of the Protected Landscape Area Třeboňsko. Educational footpath is 3 km long and accessible from parking-lot near to Jiříkovo údolí. You can educated yourself about peat mining history and its ecological functions.The most interesting places of peat-bog are connected by duckboards with informative notices. The peat-bog has very well preserved face of tundra with its vegetation.

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