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Get on your bike

The Czech Republic has a very well kept network of marked bicycle trails. The Šumava region has many possibilities for every type of bicycle rider. Whether you want to go on your mountain bike on small wood paths, go for a friendly day trip through quiet villages or take all your luggage with you and go for a bicycle journey through the mountains: Šumava has it all.

verkeer_fietsborden_1.jpgTake a bike with you which has gears. In the National Park are pretty heavy climbes to take, often short but steep. Don't say we haven't warned you. Outside the park the hills aren't that steep anymore and the rolling landscape gives you a more easy cycling trip. At some hotels and campgrounds you can rent bicycles. In most of the cities you can go for repairs to the local bicycle shop.

At every tourist information center you can find maps for day trips. Also you will find in every town information signs with an overview map of the extensive network of hiking and biking trails in the vicinity.

For longer bicycle trips you will have to buy good maps or a route description at the bookshop. The maps of "SHOCart, spol. s r. o." are very suited for bicycling. They have a scale of 1:75.000. You can buy the maps for about 89,00 Kč per piece.

kaarten_fietskaarten_1.jpgA very well known multiple day bicycle route is the long distance route through Šumava 'Šumavská magistrála'. This route of about 240 kilometers goes from Domažlice in the west of Šumava, via Nýrsko, Železná Ruda, Srní, Horní Planá and Frymburk to Dolní Dvorište in the east of Šumava.
The route takes small paved roads straight through the National Park and gives you a good image of what Šumava has to offer you.