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Castle Nebílovy

This grand structure is build at the edge of the Bohemian region. This castle was just a renaissance manner until the renowned baroque architect Jakub Auguston turned it into a gem of baroque architecture that is admired by architects all over the world.
Address: Nebilovy 1, Nebilovy 332 04 | Opening hours: 10:00h-16:00h, jul-aug: 9:00h-17:00h.

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Brewery Modrá hvězda

The brewing industry in Dobřany dates back as far as 1378. At that time, the provost Udarlich granted the burghers a privilege with the right to brew beer. This right was confirmed by the Czech King Vladislav II and also Emperor Ferdinand III. The brewery currently offers a 10° light beer, a 12° light lager beer, a 14° dark special, a 16° semi-dark special, a 17° light special, special flavoured beers and a beer spirit.

Address: nám. T. G. Masaryka 159, 334 41 Dobřany. Tel: +420 377 973 770

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