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Archeological village Netolice

The archeological village Netolice is situated on the top of St. John hill above the city of Netolice, it has also beatiful view to Bohemian forest panorama.

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Badepark Karoli

Badepark Karoli in Waldkirchen offers you refreshing fun splash at any season.

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Birth house of Jan Hus

Jan Hus is one of the most important people in the history of the Czech Republic. He was one of the first church reformers in the history of Europe. He opposed the wealth of the church. Also Jan Hus was one of the founders of the Czech language. He opposed the upcoming germanism of the language as a result of the immigration of many German speakers and he was the first who translated the bible into the Czech language.

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Boubínský Prales

Boubínský Prales, the Boubín primeval forest, is a lovely forest in Šumava. It lies between Vimperk, to the north and Lenora to the south.
The forest is called after the mountain Boubín which is 1362 meter high and lies a few kilometers from the forest. The mountain is easily recognized by its distinct shape.

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Castle Vimperk

Castle Vimperk is one of the many castles within the Šumava region. Also this castle was meant to protect the golden trading route between Bohemia and Bavaria.
The castle overlooks the river Volyňka and the city of Vimperk.

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