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Český Krumlov

Lipno Lake

Lipno Lake is about 30 kilometers southwest of the historic city of Český Krumlov.
After the Lipno dam was build in the river the Vltava, the 48 kilometers long Lipno Lake came into being and with it the largest lake in the Czech Republic.

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Ruins of Girl´s Stone

The Dívčí Kámen or Girl´s Stone medieval castle was built on a stony cliff above the confluence of the Křemžský Stream and the Vltava River. The castle was founded by the Rosenberg family in 1349

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Schwarzenberský plavební kanál

The Schwarzenberský plavební kanál is a canal that was build to transport wood between the rivers the Vltava and the Danube.
The deep forests of Šumava were not yet disclosed and there were no other profitable ways to transport wood to the cities that had need of it.

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Zlatá Koruna

Close to Český Krumlov lies the Cistercian monastery 'Zlatá Koruna', the Golden Crown.
The name 'Golden Crown' was given to the monastery because it has a thorn of the crown of thorns of Jesus in their possession. The monastery has been added to the national cultural inheritance list in 1995.

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Devil´s wall

It is remarkable piece of geology and also protected landscape area next to the river Vltava between both the dams Lipno I. and Lipno II. Upon entering a steep canyon there is a large cliff of granite slabs to be found. In fact the Devil´s wall which is also called a stony sea, was made by a glacier during the Ice Age.

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