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Zlatá Koruna

Close to Český Krumlov lies the Cistercian monastery 'Zlatá Koruna', the Golden Crown.
The name 'Golden Crown' was given to the monastery because it has a thorn of the crown of thorns of Jesus in their possession. The monastery has been added to the national cultural inheritance list in 1995.

zlata_koruna_1.jpg The monastery is a main tourist attraction. There are ofcourse always many tourists in the closeby Český Krumlov and this is a magnificent trip from the city because the monastery has a lot to offer.


Close to the monastery there is also a church and there are several chapels and former living chambers. There is also a second hand bookshop.

Especially the different interiors are very charming; you will find beautiful fresco's and luxurious furniture close by a few simple looking interiors that are more suited for a monastery. The furnishing expresses the wealthy past of the monastery. In one of the buildings of the monastery is nowadays an extensive exhibition devoted to South Bohemian literature.

Beside the monastery a dome church has been build. It is the third largest dome church in Bohemia. The church was build in the Early-Gothic style. In the church the body of king Ottokar II has been buried. He had ordered the building of the monastery in 1269.

When you visit Zlat� Koruna, you will need about half a day for it.

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Opening hours:
Tuesdays through Sundays:
April, May, September, October: 9:00h - 12:00h, 13:00h - 16:00h
June, duly and August: 9:00h - 12:00h, 13:00h - 17:00h

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