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Schwarzenberg chaple

hrobka_schwarzenberk_l.jpgAre you wandering in Třeboň, don´t forget to visit the Tomb of aristocratic Schwarzenberg family not far away from the Svet pond. Neo-Gothic chapel – tomb was built in the years 1874-77 by the Schwarzenberg builder F. D. Deworetzky.The neo-gothic building has two compartments. The first floor is the compartment dedicated to the chapel, which is used for sacral purposes. The chapel is dominated by the very modest altar, plaster, and Istrian marble by the sculptor Josef Pokorny. In the underground space, there is a depository to guard the remains of 26 family members, there are an embalmed bodies in double-layer coffins. Enter the tomb via 1,5 km trail leading from Třeboň castle on the south bank of Svět pond.

Address: Schwarzenberg chapel and tomb Opening hours: April, May, September, October: Thues.-Sun. 9:00h. - 16:00h. June, July, August: Thues.-Sun. 9:00h. - 17:00h. The booking is recommended to groups interested in guided tours in foreign languages. You can find more information on website about Schwarzenberg tomb.

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