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Rotunda at Starý Plzenec

rotunda_staryplzenec_l.jpgPre-Romanesque Saints Peter and Paul Rotunda (national cultural landmark) from the late 10th century, the oldest preserved sacral structure in Western Bohemia that has remained whole.

The rotunda was established in the second half of the 10th century as part of a Slavonian fortification above the River Úslava. In 2008 it has undergone complete and exstensive repairs. Presently, the rotunda is used for annual religious services, as well as wedding services and concerts.
There is a beautiful view from the rotunda´s hill (called Hůrka) over the whole town of Starý Plzenec and a dominant feature of the Pilsen landscape.

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A path to the rotunda starts at Starý Plzenec from street K vykopávkám.