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House of wilderness

ludwigsthal_1_l.jpgWith a view between "Grosser Falkenstein", Luzný and Roklan , the Wilderness House (Haus zur Wildnis) is located on a small hill in the forest. At the end of the town of Ludwigsthal, toward Bayerisch Eisenstein, there is a new railway stop and a parking lot. From there, an easy trail leads through the animal enclosure to the Stone Age cave, three nature-like free exhibits for wilde horses, wolf, lynx, deer and aurochs, and up to the wilderness centre at the House in the wilds.

ludwigsthal_2_l.jpg It provides its guests with information about the Bavarian Forest National Park and Šumava. The exhibits allow for multiple ways of experiencing and discovering our indigenous wilderness. A 3-D "wilderness trip" in the cinema, the hidden wilderness in the "Wurzelgang", or an adventurous discovery trip through the ground.

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Address: Haus zur Wildnis, Ludwigsthal, 94227 Lindberg, Tel. 09922 5002-0 | Opening hours: Daily from 9:30h. - 18:00h.