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Lipno Lake

Lipno Lake is about 30 kilometers southwest of the historic city of Český Krumlov.
After the Lipno dam was build in the river the Vltava, the 48 kilometers long Lipno Lake came into being and with it the largest lake in the Czech Republic.

kaart_lipno_1.jpg The dam has been build in the 50's to build a hydro-electric power station and to be able to regulate the water level of the river downstream. The dam with the power station are located at the south side of the lake. The lake itself and its environment are very beautiful and are an excellent contribution to the Šumava National Park.

Lipno Lake is especially well known for its many aquatic sports possibilities. Here it is delightful to go sailing, wind surfing, water skiing or canoeing. There are also organized boat trips with foods and drinks available where you can spend 1 - 2 hours on the water.

The lake is also well known for its rich fishing waters. The lake is packed with carp, pike and perch. Many fishermen stas at one of the many campgrounds around the lake.

lipnomeer_1.jpgLipno Lake is very commercially exploited. Everywhere you see hotels, campgrounds, holiday resorts and restaurants. This is very understandable because it benefits the local economy. The downside of it is that Lipno Lake does no longer breath the typical rural Czech atmosphere and that is a pity.
Another downside of all the commercial activity that you will notice right away are the prices. Around Lipno Lake you will pay considerably more for your overnight stay and your meals than elsewhere in the Šumava region.

When you are planning an aquatic sports holiday, then Lipno Lake is defenitely the best place to be during your stay in the Czech Republic.

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