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Castle Kašperk

High above the village Kašperské Hory you can see the contours of castle Kašperk. The two towers of castle Kašperk are very distinct and are viewable from far. The castle was build in the 14th century by Charles IV to protect the gold mines and the gold routes in the area.
The castle is located at a strategic spot along the Bohemian-Bavarian border in former times.

kasteel_kasperk.jpg In 1585 the village of Kašperk rented the castle and later in 1616 they bought the desolate castle. Parts of the castle were used as building materials for other buildings.

It wasn't until the 19th century that the village saw the damage there was afflicted to the castle and they started reconstructing the castle. The reconstruction is still taking place and the castle will be restored in the original state at the exterior as well as the interior.

In the castle you will find an exhibition about the history of the castle and the history of the gold digging in the surrounding area. You can visit the castle with a guided tour. The castle is situated in a beautiful forest with many marked trails.

You can already visit the beautiful website of castle Kašperk and don't forget to visit the photo galerie.

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The guided tours take place daily, except Mondays, between 9.30h and 17.00h. During summer and in spring and autumn the tours start at 10h.

During winter, november until march, you can only visit the castle by making an appointment. The only exception are on holidays, than the castle is opened.

Look for actual information about the tours on the website of castle Kašperk.