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Castle Domažlice

kasteel_domazlice_1.jpgThe castle Domažlice is build in the 13th century. It was part of the fortification of the city of Domažlice and is located at the southwest side of the city. The castle used to accommodate the administration of the 'Chodsko' region. It fulfilled this function until the beginning of the 16th century. After that the castle wasn't used and it deteriorated.

The original castle was destroyed by a fire in 1592. The typical tower is the only building left of that castle. The new castle was build in 1726 in the Baroque style and taken back into use.

Nowadays the castle is used as the regional museum of 'Chodsko'. In the museum you will find a collection of folk artifacts, art and paintings from the region.

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Address: Muzeum Chodska, Chodské nám. 96, 344 01, Domažlice
Tel: +420 189 776 009
Opening hours:
-During summer: Tuesday through Sunday from 09.00h till 17.00h.
-During winter: Monday through Friday from 10.00h till 15.00h.