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Židova strouha

The Židova strouha or Jude´s Gutter is romantic valley of the small stream Židova strouha which is approx. 20 km long and flows into the Lužnice river. The natural monument is located near the stream with the same name in the Táborská Pahorkatina Upland, about 2 km south of the town of Bechyně.
The romantic valley is accessible near to Březnice by the yellow marked walking trail leading from Bechyně to Týn nad Vltavou, which crosses the stream at a few places without bridges. You can see an incredible and beautiful atmosphere, especially in its last section which is formed out of rock formations and caves. The Jude´s gutter is natural monument established in 1988.
Its name was probably originated from a legend. The legend said that Jews from Týn nad Vltavou were keeping shelter in valley because they were blamed to be responsible for a plague epidemic.

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