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Ruins of Dobronice castle

Dobronice_l.jpg The ruin of the Dobronice castle is situated 7 km from Bechyně, above the Lužnice river. Dobronice castle was built in the first half of the 14th century, in 1455 it was owned by Rožmberk family. Later on it was reconstructed into the late gothic style, then the Jesuite order became in possession of the Dobronice castle since 1691. Dobronice was abandoned by them when the order had been dissolved and it became desolated since 1727.
A round tower is preserved as well as all remains of the castle palace from the 14th century, houses and the chapel. The ruin of Dobronice castle is well accessible for watersports enjoyers from the village of Dobronice or you can follow a 7 km long red trail along the river Lužnice from Bechyně.

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