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Černé Jezero

cerne_jezero_3.jpgThe biggest natural formed lake in the Czech Republic is Černé Jezero, the Black Lake. This lake got its name from the black looking surface of the water which gives the lake a mysterious appearance. The black surface is the result of dark sediment on the bottom of the lake and the reflection of the dark woods that surround the lake.

The Black Lake was formed by glaciers. The lake has a surface of 18 hectares and is about 40 meters deep at an altitude of 1008 meters above sea level.

It is said that the Nazi's at their departure, at the arrival of the allied troops, have thrown documents into the deep lake. However this story was contrived by the Czech secret service to discredit west german politicians.

The exact location of Černé Jezero can be found on a map on the page of Železná Ruda. You can reach Černé Jezero by parking your car at Špícák and from there follow the marked route to the lake. Don't forget your camera.


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