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Čerchov hill

rozhledna_cerchov_l.jpgČerchov hill (1041 m a.s.l.) is the highest mountain in the Bohemian forest. Between 1904-1905 a new stone tower was built at the place of an old lookout tower. In 1927 a tourist lodge was added. The lookout tower (Kurzova věž) provides a breathtaking panoramic view of Babylon, Domažlice, Plzeň, Přimda, and even the mountain Velký Javor. On days with optimal visibility, you can see the Alps and Krušné hory. The easiest access is from the red trail from Česka Kubice (6km) and Capartice (4km) or the blue trail from Černá Řeka (3 km).

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