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Boubínský Prales

boubin_1.jpgBoubínský Prales, the Boubín primeval forest, is a lovely forest in Šumava. It lies between Vimperk, to the north and Lenora to the south.
The forest is called after the mountain Boubín which is 1362 meter high and lies a few kilometers from the forest. The mountain is easily recognized by its distinct shape.

In the beginning of 2005 a watchtower has been build on top of the mountain. You can have a magnificent view of the area when you are on the tower. There are several marked routes that can lead you to the top op Boubín mountain.

The Boubín forest is on the south side of the mountain and is very good accessible from the parking place near Kaplice, just north of Lenora. The forest is well known for its well preserved mixed forest and its old trees. Some of them are even 300 to 400 years old.


There is an educational trail wich leads you to the most interesting places in the forest.
On the route you will find 9 information boards about the special flora and fauna in the forest. The route begins and ends at Boubínské Jezírko (the Boubín lake) and is about 5 kilometres long.

If you are not tired after this walk you can go to the watchtower on the Boubín mountain. You can then follow the marked route of about 7 kilometres.

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