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Blanský Les


Blanský Les has a surface of 21.235 Ha. and is a true paradise for outdoor activities. In 1990 the area has obtained the status of nature reserve and it stretches out over the districts České Budějovice, Český Krumlov and Prachatice. It is an area with a high ecological value in the lower parts of Šumava. The highest point is the mountain Klet with 1084 meters.

The southeastern border is drawn by the river the Vltava. Its basin lies 400 meters above sea level. The Křemžský creek flows from the higher part of the reserve through a broad valley. Beneath the ruins of castle Dívči Kámen the creek flows into the Vltava.

The forest is originally a beech forest but as the population grew in the vicinity of Blanský Les, the demand for beech wood rose for building materials. In stead of the beech trees they planted the fast growing spruce and pine.

blansky_les_3.jpgExcept a natural reserve Blanský Les is also renowned for the historical monuments and rural architecture it has within its boundaries. Within the natural reserve you find, among other things, the monastery Zlatá Koruna, the ruins of castle Dívči Kámen and the remains of the never completed Gothic monastery at Kuklov. Also the remnants of a Celtic settlement near Třisov are very interesting.

In the reserve are several educational routes marked. For instance there is a path from the railway station of Český Krumlov to Vyšné. Another trail goes from Třísov via Dívči Kámen to Holubov. The walk is 3 kilometers long and passes several points of interests. On this website you can find a lengthy description, in English, of the route.

Beside those described routes there are many more hiking and biking possibilities in Blanský Les and because the inclination of the hills is short but heavy, mountain bike riding is definitely a challenge.

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