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Birth house of Jan Hus

dumjanhus_l.jpgJan Hus is one of the most important people in the history of the Czech Republic. He was one of the first church reformers in the history of Europe. He opposed the wealth of the church. Also Jan Hus was one of the founders of the Czech language. He opposed the upcoming germanism of the language as a result of the immigration of many German speakers and he was the first who translated the bible into the Czech language.

This Gothic-Renaissance house on number 36, his birth house, was rebuild in the first half of the 20th century into its original state. In 1952 the house was given the purpose as a memorial to the life and work of Jan Hus. In addition to the museum you can also find a library and a reading room in the house. In the year 1991 the monument was expanded with the opning of the galery of Joseph Krejza, a painter who was also born in Husinec. On the Husenecka square you can see a monument of Jan Hus from 1958.

The birthplace of Jan Hus was proclaimed a national cultural monument in the year 1978. The most wellknown owner of the house can be dated back to 1634, sigismund Nana. The house was destroyed for several times but was rebuild time after time. The last private owner of the house was Jileček Augustinus in 1880. In 1869, 500 years after the birht of Jan Hus a memorial plate was placed on the front of the house. In 1911 2 lime trees were planted in front of the house and in 1912, 500 years after the death of Jan Hus, the house was restored in it's original state. After the Second World War the house became the property of the state.

Address: Husova str. 36, Husinec |Opening hours: Tu-Su 9.00 – 12.00 12.30-17.00

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