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Devil´s wall

certova_stena_l.jpgIt is remarkable piece of geology and also protected landscape area next to the river Vltava between both the dams Lipno I. and Lipno II. Upon entering a steep canyon there is a large cliff of granite slabs to be found. In fact the Devil´s wall which is also called a stony sea, was made by a glacier during the Ice Age.

In the steep canyon there are the giant slabs of granite lie in the riverbed of the Vltava, this part of the river is called the Devil's Torrents. Some of the giant stones have a weigh of tons, stones are naturally occurring and have unique shape of pots with a one-metre diameter.

Not far away from parking lot is rock-face about 30 metres high with a vantage point also called Devil´s tribune, there you can see great views of the valley.

There are some legends about Devil´s wall. One legend describes that Devil´s wall was probably unfinished dam and was created by the devil to flood monastary in Vyšší Brod.

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