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Hotels and Bed and Breakfast

Šumava has a very large number of hotels and bed and breakfasts.
You will find hotels mainly in the bigger towns and cities. Most towns will have one or more B&Bs.
Because of the close proximity of Germany, most hosts will be able to speak with you in German and sometimes in English .

Most of the hotels are family hotels. The quality of the hotels can be compared with the quality of hotels in other countries but you will pay considerably less.
If you travel with two persons, a stay in a hotel will be cheaper then a stay in a vacation cottage.

Bed and Breakfast:
It is very popular to stay in a B&B in the Czech Republic. You will be spending the night in a nice and clean room, have your breakfast served and all of this for a very reasonable price. The Czech people are very good hosts who will be glad to share their local knowledge with you.

B&Bs are not only popular with foreign guests but also with the local tourists. Bed and breakfasts are usually fully booked around the national holidays, keep this in mind when you are planning your vacation.

We have not been able to find a good list of hotels and B&Bs on the internet. Most commercial websites have a very limited list of hotels of which they will receive a fee when they book a night for you. B&Bs are not very good represented on the internet while locally there is a large number of B&Bs available.

If you have some experience with hotels and/or B&Bs in the Šumava region, please let us know. If we have gathered a respectable list, we will publish this list here.