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The Šumava region lies in the heart of Europe. This central location in Europe makes it an ideal destination for your vacation.

The popular town of Železná Ruda is located at the most western part of the Šumava national Park. Below you will find the distance from some major European cities to the town of Železná Ruda.

  • Paris to Železná Ruda is 979 km.
  • Berlin to Železná Ruda is 508 km.
  • Copenhagen to Železná Ruda is 884 km.
  • Vienna to Železná Ruda is 369 km.

To cross the border you need to have a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after your arrival in the Czech Republic.

Information for drivers:
The Czech Republic has a very well maintained network of roads. The traffic rules in the Czech Republic are about the same as the traffic rules in the rest of Europe. Please notice that there is a zero tolerance policy on alcohol while driving. So even one beer is too much.

At the gas stations you can buy all the usual kinds of (unleaded) petrol, diesel and gas.

When you drive your vehicle you are at all times required to have your lights on. Also you always must have with you a safety vest, a warning triangle and a first aid kit that hasn't passed the expiration date yet.

During the winter (from november till april) it is required by law that you have winter tires on you car and snow chains with you in your car.

There are no expressways in the region of Šumava, so you will not need a toll sticker. If you have plans to visit Prague or Brno, it is most likely that you will drive on an expressway. In that case you do have to buy a toll sticker that will cost you about 250,-- CZK for 10 days.

  • In the city: 50 kph
  • On open roads: 90 kph
  • On motorways: 130 kph

Required documents:
  • Drivers licence
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Car insurrance valid during your stay in the Czech Republic